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6 Stock Molds
30+ unique flavors
10+ packaging options
made from natural ingredients
Sugar Coating & Sugar-Free Options
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The MOQ is only 1,000 bottles.
Why over 50 brands choose CMSI?
50+ Million Gummies
Production capacity per month
In-house R&D Team of Scientists & Engineers at your service
Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturing & Packaging Equipment
50+ certified local & international suppliers of organic & Natural ingredients
Why over 50 brands choose CMSI?
50+ Million Gummies
Production capacity per month with MOQ of only 100,000 gummies
In-house R&D Team of Scientists & Engineers at your service
Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturing & Packaging Equipment
50+ certified local & international suppliers of organic & Natural ingredients
End-to-End Service Support
Bulk, bottled or Pouched
Options with over 10+ bottle and capping options
Flexible Packaging
We can store your gummies and send them directly to customer or a marketplace warehouse
Storage & Fulfillment
Our team is happy to help with any documentation needs for Amazon or any other Marketplace
Insurance & Documentation Support
We got you covered from new label design to printing to advising on the latest FDA labeling regulations for dietary supplements
Label Design & High Quality Printing
Instead of gelatin, we use pectin which doesn't melt at 180°F
Using pure mountain water enhances the flavor and quality. The minerals and natural elements present in mountain water resulting in a more refined and enjoyable product
Cleanest Mountain Water
Vitamins, Minerals, Botanical Extracts, Probiotic/Prebiotic, Fiber Formulas, Omegas, Full Spectrum Hemp, Delta-8
Endless Formulation Options
All of our products are made from naturally sourced, heavy metal free ingredients
Natural ingredients
There is nothing in the world like a great tasting gummy. We only work with the best flavor houses to make sure that all of our gummies taste phenomenal
30+ Natural Flavors that taste well
All of our products are Gluten-Free, Non-GMO & Free of Allergens
low-waste production with a goal to reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint
Recyclable materials means choosing a better future for our planet
Recyclable Packaging
Pectin based gummies help save the lives of millions of animals
Plant Based
All our ingredients are lab tested, verified safe, with a traceable supply chain
Vetted Raw Materials
Where Cutting-Edge Manufacturing
Meets Eco-Conscious Innovation
Engineered with Nature in Mind
Partnering with us is a PERFECT FIT for you if
You want to receive high-quality products in a short amount of time
You already have your own brand and want to expand your product line
You want to launch your own brand of vitamin gummies
You are a representative of a pharmacy or retail chain
You are a distributor
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State of the Art Facility located among beautiful Colorado Mountains
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Yes. Our FDA-registered facility is located among the beautiful Colorado Mountains in the USA.
What are your MOQs and turnaround times?
Minimum Order Quantities for custom formulation is 300,000 gummies and 1,000 bottles for private label formulas. Turnaround time for custom formulation is 4-6 weeks for urgent orders and 6-9 weeks for regular orders (more cost-effective). Private label stock formula turnaround time is usually between 3 to 20 days depending on the packaging requirements.
I don’t have a warehouse and I only want to concentrate on sales. Can you handle the rest?
Yes. CMSI is a turnkey solutuon for all your backend needs. From formulation to packaging to printing label to delivering your products straight to a Marketplace warehouse or directly to your customers, from a single bottle to truckloads.
I am unhappy with my current contract manufacturer who makes my custom gummy vitamins. Why should I switch to the CMSI?
You may be unhappy with your current contract manufacturer’s pricing, customer support, turnaround times, fulfillment options, quality or MOQs. Our foundational principles: cost & time effectiveness, customer service, high quality and great taste. With around-the-clock response times, we offer superior quality, great pricing, low MOQs for custom formulation and private label formulas, variety or packaging & delivery options. We far exceed expectations for every client. We provide nothing short of excellence. Why settle for less?
Can you help us with Amazon compliance?
CMSI can provide all the documents that you need to start selling your product on Amazon. We are experts in Amazon compliance, marketing, formulation and development. We are contracted with an ISO Certified lab for all our clients' needs. COA requests are typically handled within 1-3 business days.
What kind of testing do you do?
All raw materials that enter the lab are immediately quarantined. They undergo microbial, heavy metal, and potency testing. Once the supplement has been manufactured, the finished product undergoes the same 3rd party tests to ensure safety and quality before it reaches your place of business.
Should I go with a custom or stock formulation?
We love solving our clients’ challenges with custom formulations and molds that set them aside from a competition. By private labeling one of our stock formulations, you can take advantage of the lower pricing that comes from purchasing trending products out of an exponentially larger production run with shorter lead times. With custom formulations, you are paying a higher price at lower volumes with longer lead times.
Can you send me samples of your private-label formulas or my custom formula?
Yes! You can order samples right through your sales representative. With the number of inquiries we receive, it is not possible for us to organize and send free samples. It’s a great way to experience our products and explore our shapes, textures and tastes. Once you place your order, we will refund you the sample cost.
Can I have a custom shape?
Absolutely! We can get custom molds made and delivered in usually 6 weeks.
Do you offer any other nutraceutical products?
Yes. Capsules, Tablets, Softgels, Tinctures, Beadlets. You name it.
Let us Manufacture a high-quality vitamin gummies for you!
Whether you’re entering the industry for the first time or looking for a new supplement manufacturer, CMSI is poised to be your partner